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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dos Mas!

     So I thought I'd put up two more character design turnarounds while I was already on the topic. I love character design, so these kinds of things never really get old for me. That being said, there is ALWAYS room for improvement, so if you have any comments, I'm always open to critique as an artist!

     The first character here is Carmen. Shes the sassy girl type with a massive Spanish guitar (that looks pretty much like mine in real life haha.) The second character pictured is El Toro. He's some kind of evil Mexican warlord. Pretty menacing right? Well, sadly, he's only about 5'7". Still he's built like an ox!
                                                       Click to Enlarge

     So there we are! I hope you guys enjoy! I put a lot of work into these. If you like the series so far, stay tuned because there's a LOT more to come, including a two minute ANIMATIC!


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