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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Commissions and Sketches

Hey all! I've been relatively busy as of late, just sketching around and doing a few commissions. Recently I've been drawing a few of my friends in a Scott Pilgrim style as you might have noticed, so I thought I'd upload them all at once just to give you a gander at what they look like!

My awesome friend Jaime
My girlfriend Dawn

     Love him or hate him, Bryan Lee O'Malley has an awesomely vivid imagination and a great series to match it. If you haven't read Scott Pilgrim, please do yourself the favor of a lifetime and check it out. If you love video games and romantic drama mixed with butt-kicking, it's the series for you.

My crazy friend Hope
Jaime's boyfriend Andrew

     So as you can see, I've been pretty busy with these. I've posted them in the order I drew them just because I feel that even in that short amount of time I've gotten a lot better at it. That isn't to pat myself on the back- more just for my personal satisfaction. I enjoyed doing all of them, but it took me a while to get the style down for sure. So that's about it for the Scott Pilgrim drawings. I thought I'd upload a few sketches I've been doing recently too, just to get em out of my scraps folder.

"Mexican Stand-Off
"Unusual Instrument and SFX"
Random Junk

      So the top two were done for my friend Tait's sketch blog, which can be found here: DRAWSOME. Go check it out some time- Tait uploads a new sketch topic every day, and anyone is free to submit their doodles and what have you. It's pretty great. To the left here is a sketch dump I did a while back. I should really make a new one because I have a ton of stuff in my sketchbook that I need to import. Alas, scanning at my Dad's house is relatively hard and inconvenient, so I only do it if I have to. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this week's drawings. Have a merry Christmas, everyone!

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