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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Drawings for Friends!

Hey guys! Here's a few things from the past few weeks- some doodles, commissions, and a few sketch dumps. I've found that I really love drawing in crappy erasable pens- you know, the ones that everybody had in like, 6th grade. So here be the arts! Yarr?

+6 to Hufflepuff
      This is a commission I just did of my friend Hope in a Scott Pilgrimy style. She gave me some specs and I drew it up! I've actually been doing a lot of these recently for my girlfriend and my awesome friend Jaime.

      Down below and to the left you'll see a drawing I did for the back cover of my art portfolio that I made in Fish's class. It's me and Dawn on a bench. Also in Scott Pilgrim style, mainly paying a lil tribute to the fact that we both got so obsessed with the series two summers ago when the movie came out. Mainly the soundtrack. Okay, mainly Invaders Must Die by Prodigy. Now that's gonna be stuck in my head all day. Continuing down to the right is a drawing I did for Dawn based on her new found addiction to Minecraft. She's just never going to stop playing, ever, I fear. And if she could stab a creeper I'm sure she would. So thats about it for today. I might upload some more stuff later- just sketches and so fourth. Stay tuned later in the week when I go to the zoo! I love doing life drawings of animals and I'm itching to try out those pens I bought. Santa Barbara has a pretty awesome zoo, so I hope I can do some pretty awesome drawings in turn. Thanks for reading guys! Have a great day.

I'm on a bench!

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